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Claims Assignments

Clients can now use our online forms to submit new claim assignments via the Internet. Your assignment will be received by our office and handled according to your instructions. Online assignments are acknowledged via phone, fax, or e-mail, per your instructions.

Clients may make telephone, fax, or e-mail assignments to either of our offices.

Home Office

1810 Shiloh Road, Suite 703
P.O. Box 8115 75711-811)
Tyler, TX 75703
Service Contact: Keith Eggleston
Phone: 903-581-6070
Fax: 903-534-0227
Email: info@etclaims.com

Longview Branch Office

3549 N. Gilmer Road, Suite F
P.O. Box 9065 (75608)
Longview, TX 75604
Service Contact: Robin Hurlburt
Phone: 903-297-6681
Fax: 903-759-5614
Email: info@etclaims.com